My name is Domenico, I am maître–cuisinier and I come from Palermo, the capital of Sicily.

I was always passionate about my profession and after 20 years of experience in various well-known establishments in Luxembourg I, supported by my family and close friends, came up with an idea to launch the project of an Italian and Sicilian food truck that would allow me to stay in contact with my clients and make them travel in the country of sunshine while tasting its excellent products.

I will have a great pleasure to introduce you to Palermo, a city of thousands of contrasts and colours and also the capital of the European street food (5th in the world! virtualtourist.com) with all its specialities like arancini, panelle, crocché, pane ca meusa, sfincione, etc. offered in fry shops, bars, restaurants and all sorts of vehicles like moto ape. It is so exciting that all these varieties of street food are telling us a story of the city that has all the signs of peoples who have dominated there throughout the centuries: the Phoenicians, the Romans, the Arabs, the Normans, the Greeks, the Spanish.

I will have a great pleasure to welcome you in our ARANCINO Food Truck and to offer you our specialities.

A presto!

Domenico Dell'Acqua